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Long / Short & Special Situation

Rod Capital Management (RCM) is a long/short equity fund that targets deep value opportunities for its long-term portfolio and complements this by taking short-term positions in special situations. The fund takes concentrated high-conviction positions with a focus on fundamental and relative value. RCM hedges these positions by shorting companies identified as over-valued along with related indexes in order to manage risk and exposure. The fund can also take short-term positions in special situations that include mergers and acquisitions, conglomerate spin-offs, and other catalyst events. RCM’s strategic approach is intended to produce strong risk adjusted returns and positions the fund for long-term outperformance of benchmark indexes. The fund is managed by Chief Investment Officer Perry Rod who brings over 20 years of experience in professional investing, research, and trading of financial markets. RCM's profits go towards the Paradise Project, our non-profit foundation that celebrates science, education, art, and philosophy.